The TAP provides a cost-effective upgrade in energy efficiency and light quality. Their translucent properties spread diffuse light throughout a space, and their sandwich panel technology allows for insulation options and enhanced thermal performance.

Looking for an economical way to add thermal performance to an existing curtainwall, window or storefront framing? Major’s Translucent Adapter Panels (TAP), configured with an integrated 1” “key” that allows for easy integration into existing curtainwall framing, and 1” panel systems are perfect for retrofit applications in older buildings. Now it’s easy to get the thermal performance and light control of a Guardian 275® translucent panel while still utilizing a conventional glass framing system.

TAP panels also offer additional privacy by eliminating a direct line of sight into interior spaces (which can be a great benefit to medical facilities and other areas where security is key), and they are lightweight, making them easy to install and requiring less time on site.

When your next project calls for a unique and energy-saving solution, take advantage of the numerous benefits of translucent daylighting, including glare-free natural light, enhanced occupant comfort and LEED credit opportunities, by choosing a Guardian 275®/TAP system.