Mixed Glazed Systems

Whether your building design demands a combination of sun control and views to the outside or you need to provide ventilation control for building occupants, Major has a mixed-glazed system that will fit your project’s unique needs. Incorporate operable windows, fixed glass, sections of each – design your daylighting system for optimal versatility and performance!

Mixed Glazed System Cut-Aways


Guardian 275® translucent panel wall systems can each be integrated with operable or fixed windows for the ultimate in versatility and practicality. Guardian 275® panels can also be integrated into existing framing and mixed with glass via our Translucent Adapter Panel (TAP) system.

Major Industries can also configure a mixed glazed skylight to fit your project’s needs. From glass panels that run down the center of a translucent skylight for dramatic effect, or glass panels facing north to provide additional daylight while south-facing translucent panels diffuse the direct sunlight, let us work with you to find an eye-catching custom daylighting solution for your next project.

Contact Major at 888-759-2678 for specific options related to fixed and operable glazing for wall systems, as well as mixed glazed skylights. You can also download a pdf of our Mixed Glazed System brochure here.