IlluminPC™ polycarbonate multi-wall glazed wall systems offer sleek and modern aesthetics, diffuse natural light, dependable performance, and great value.



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Take a new look at translucent daylighting with IlluminPC™ wall systems. Their polycarbonate multi-wall panels and aluminum framing provide a strong and secure system that delivers diffuse natural light and dependable performance. IlluminPC™ features tongue-and-groove panel construction, making it easy to install and allowing for a clean, modern appearance. With panel U-factors of .19 and a wide range of color choices that allow you to control light transmission, they’re also incredibly versatile and customizable. From a small clerestory to expansive wall sections, IlluminPC™ is a versatile and economical daylighting tool.

Need something bold? IlluminPC™ offers the color options to make your design dreams a reality. From bright custom colors to dual-color panel options, we can create the eye-catching look you need. We also offer a wide range of aluminum finishes from clear anodize to custom color matching – click here for more details.

Not sure where to go with your next project? Contact Major with your daylighting design challenges and we’ll work with you to find the optimal solution.


  • 40mm (1.57 inch) panel thickness
  • Panels come in standard 19-11/16 inch (500mm) widths, and can be up to 20 feet long
  • Crystal (Clear), Opal (White), (Green and Bronze sheet colors available – contact Major for details) with Light Transmission values from 44% to 67% – custom colors also available
  • Thermally broken framing option also available
  • Excellent impact and hail resistance
  • Tongue-and-groove joints between panels for a clean and modern appearance
  • U.V. inhibitors co-extruded into the sheets for long-term durability
  • Numerous finish options and colors available
  • Designed for ease of installation – saving time and money


  • Our custom engineered IlluminPC™ wall systems are designed to meet or exceed all applicable building codes and structural requirements and have the following performance attributes:
    • 40mm (1.57 inch) panel thickness
    • Panels come in standard 19-11/16 inch (500mm) widths, and can be up to 20 feet long
    • Crystal (Clear), Opal (White), Green and Bronze sheet colors available with Light Transmission values from 44% to 67% – custom colors also available
    • Panel U-factor of .19 provides great thermal performance
    • Flame Spread/Smoke Development – ASTM E-84 – Flame Spread: <25/UL 723, ANSI/NFPA #255 – Smoke Development: <450
    • Burn Extent – ASTM D-635 – CC1 – less than 1.0 inch
    • Self-Ignition – ASTM D-1929 – Flash Ignition: 986°F (530°C)
    • Impact Strength/Izod Impact Strength – ASTM D-256 – .937-18.3 ft lb/in/in (0.5-9.77 J/cm) of notch
    • Tensile Strength – Yield/Ultimate – ASTM D-638 – 8,500-10,200 psi / 7,830-10,400 psi
    • Tensile Modulus – ASTM D-638 – 232-348 ksi
    • Flexural Yield Strength – ASTM D-790 – 10,900-16,000 psi
    • Flexural Modulus – ASTM D-790 – 261-600 ksi
    • Structural Load Test – ASTM E-330 – Combined Max Deflection: <1”
    • Air Infiltration – ASTM E-283 – 0.02 cfm/ft2 @ 6.24psf
    • Static Water Penetration – ASTM E-331 – No Water Penetration @ 12psf
    • Color Difference – ASTM D-1925 – ∆E = 10 after 10 years
    • AAMA 2604 and 2605 finishes available – click here for more details

IlluminPC Data Sheet – 40mm Wall Systems

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40mm Wall System Specification