Guardian 275®

Guardian 275® wall systems are our most versatile and customizable translucent panel option. From numerous specialty configurations to insulation and custom finish options to pre-assembled and unitized systems, we can configure Guardian 275® to meet your project’s demands. Guardian 275® systems are a great solution for retail and office spaces, education facilities, military installations and more, and each system is backed by industry-best warranties.



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Guardian 275® translucent panel wall systems are the most versatile in our product line. From the highest level of performance options to numerous specialty configurations and industry-long warranties, Guardian 275® systems are the perfect custom daylighting choice.

Like our other translucent panel systems, Guardian 275® wall systems feature a lightweight sandwich panel design, and come standard with concealed fasteners, an innovative “snap and capture” detail that provides rapid field installation and secure holding power, and  unsurpassed protection against water and air infiltration by using only EPDM gasketing and long-lasting high-performance sealants. No other translucent panel systems offers this much at no extra charge. Guardian 275® is also available with a variety of insulation options, as well as a 4” panel option, enhancing thermal performance.

Guardian 275® systems can also be configured with a wide variety of finish options, from clear anodize to custom color matching (click here for more information on finishes), or contact our Sales Team at 888-759-2678 or for more details.

In design, versatility is key. And while Guardian 275® offers glare-free, diffuse natural light to illuminate interior spaces, it also gives you the options to make your design a reality. From blast and hurricane protection systems to mixed glazed systems that combine fixed and/or operable glass to our Translucent Adapter Panel that allows for easy integration of our 2.75” systems into existing 1” curtainwall framing, we have a daylighting solution that’s right for your needs and budget. We also offer pre-assembled options for select smaller sized units, making installation quick and easy. (Contact Major at 888-759-2678 for more details.)

Whether it’s a simple clerestory or a complex curved wall, Guardian 275® is a high-performance, cost-effective, and lightweight solution



  • Translucent panel wall systems are lightweight (roughly 3lbs per square foot depending on the application), which reduces structural requirements for most designs.
  • Designed with a maximum allowable deflection of L/120 for a stronger, more watertight system.
  • Integral moisture management systems are standard including an integral condensation gutter and weeping system on all structural members as well as EPDM gaskets and high-performance sealants.
  • Ultimate Series™ face sheet utilizes a unique blend of polymers, UV inhibitors, color stabilizers, and a permanent erosion veil for long-term performance – up to 20 year color change warranties available.
  • Numerous insulation options available – center of panel U-factors as low as .08.
  • LEED® credit opportunities.
  • TransCURVE™ curved translucent building panel system available for a unique look.
  • Available with five standard sheet colors and a full range of long-lasting AAMA 2604/2605 coatings and AAMA 603.8 anodizing colors to meet your aesthetic needs. Click here for more details.
  • Blast protection configurations available for security combined with light control.
  • Guardian 275® systems offer hurricane protection and have been approved for use in most Florida counties, the Texas Gulf Coast and more than 95% of the hurricane zones in North America.
  • Tested and verified by ASTM, AAMA, and NFRC methodologies. ICC ES listing also available.
  • Optional poured and debridged structural polyurethane thermal breaks available.
  • Optional high-impact (360 ft/lbs) face sheet available.
  • FRP face sheet exceeds CC1 requirements with a flame spread of 10, smoke 300, per ASTM E-84. Burn extent less than 1″ per ASTM D-635.
  • Systems can be priced using SkyPrice™, our quick, easy and accurate online quote system.

Light & Thermal Performance

Data Sheet for 2-3/4 Inch Systems

Data Sheet for 4 Inch Systems

Data Sheet for 1 Inch Panels

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Specs & Details

If you require additional information or are looking for product information and can’t find it on our site, please contact Major at 888-759-2678 or via email at You can also contact us via our chat function to ask any specific questions you have about our products.

Guardian 275® – Wall System Specification

Guardian 275® – Window Wall Specification

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