Wall Systems

Whether you’re designing a manufacturing facility or an office complex, daylighting should play an important role in the building’s overall design and function – and should also be cost-effective for the building owner. While there are numerous ways to deliver sunlight into interior spaces, perhaps the easiest and most bottom-line friendly method is through light-transmitting wall systems.



LightBasic value-engineered translucent wall systems are the perfect balance of price and performance. The perfect balance of economy and performance.



Guardian 275® translucent wall systems provide a wide range of color, thermal performance and specialty application options. Thermally enhance panels and framing are available.



IlluminPC features polycarbonate multi-wall glazing for a sleek, modern look and great performance. They diffuse natural light and are very dependable, perform well, and are a great value.



Select smaller sized skylights and wall systems can be shipped to your site pre-assembled – greatly reducing the amount of installation time required on a typical job.



Looking for blast-rated systems or hurricane protection. The specialty solutions also include adapter panels, mixed glazed systems, spectra-grid and removable skylights.

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Entrances and Common Areas

Entrances and common areas often feature glass windows and wall systems, but uncontrolled natural light can make for an uncomfortable working or learning environment, and put stress on HVAC systems. In these areas, consider a translucent panel or mixed glazed system. Translucent systems offer glare-free natural light, and mixed glazed system can be configured with fixed or operable glass for views to the outside and ventilation control.


Work Spaces and Learning Environments

While no glazing material is perfect for all situations, translucent panel and polycarbonate multi-wall systems are a good choice for areas like libraries, classrooms, computer rooms, work spaces, manufacturing facilities and other spaces where occupants spend a significant amount of time. By effectively diffusing direct sunlight and dispersing it throughout interior spaces, translucent systems create a more satisfying environment during daylight hours when glare and hot-spots can cause serious problems and eye strain.


Unique Design Flexibility

The unique nature of translucent FRP panels also allows for some creative applications, especially during evening hours. These include back-lighting behind company signage, colored lighting to create an eye-catching architectural focal point, or simply a column of illuminated translucent FRP panels to call out a building’s entrance.

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