Sustainable Design

Daylighting is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly sustainable design solution. There’s no better way to illuminate interior spaces than with the natural light that surrounds us every day, and Major’s daylighting solutions may contribute to your green building certification goals.

Why Choose Major for your Daylighting Needs?

At Major, we work hard to design and build the most advanced, longest lasting daylighting systems in the industry. But the benefits of a daylighting system go well beyond recycled content and lifespan. Incorporating daylighting is an environmentally conscious design solution, but your building’s occupants will also gain the immediate benefits of glare-free natural light. Besides added visual appeal, numerous studies show the positive mental and physical effects of daylight on the human body, including improved mood and the ability to focus on tasks more effectively. Natural light can have an effect on the bottom line as well, as studies show that access to daylighting increases productivity in office and manufacturing environments and increases sales in retail settings.

As a company based at the “gateway” to the northwoods of Wisconsin, we understand how important it is to care for the environment, and we work hard in conjunction with our suppliers to provide you with the best materials available. We also focus on recycling unused material from the manufacturing process, and use reusable and recyclable materials whenever possible when crating and packaging your shipment.

The methods and materials we use to create our daylighting systems vary depending on the system you choose, but be assured that the aluminum used in our systems features a high pre-and-post consumer recycled content, and can also be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Systems like Clima-Tite, with pultruded fiberglass framing, can also be recycled in various ways, as can the fiberglass sheet used in our translucent panel systems.

Reference Guides

For additional information on how our daylighting systems might assist in gaining LEED® or other green building certifications, click on the link below.