LightBasic™ translucent skylights strike the right balance between price and performance. Their sandwich panel design and lightweight framing make them a great choice for manufacturing spaces, warehouses, hangars and more, and they’re available in both custom and pre-engineered/pre-assembled configurations.



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LightBasic™ Skylight

LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ Self-flashing Single Slope translucent panel skylights are a great choice for both new construction and retrofit applications. They’re available in pre-engineered sizes from 2’ x 4’ to 5’ x 20’, feature a durable face sheet for tough performance against the elements, and offer insulation options for enhanced thermal performance.

LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ Single Slope skylights are also self-flashing, allowing for ease of installation and less time on-site, and in most areas do not require fall protection screens (check local requirements).

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LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ Single Slope skylights are value-engineered to emphasize economy and durability. They come standard with two sheet color options – white and crystal, as well as insulation options. Besides soft, diffuse natural light, LightBasic™ systems also feature:

  • 2.75″ thick panels.
  • 12” x 24” grid pattern.
  • Translucent panel skylight systems are much lighter than comparable glass systems, which reduce structural requirements.
  • Available in two standard sheet colors – White and Crystal.
  • Insulation can be added to LightBasic™ skylights for enhanced thermal performance.
  • Center of panel U-factors as low as .17.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficients as low as .14.
  • 5 year color change and 10 year fiberbloom warranties standard.
  • Available with AAMA 603.8 clear anodized finish.
  • May contribute to LEED® credits.
  • Designed with a maximum allowable deflection of L/120 for a stronger, more watertight system.

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