Natural light transforms interior spaces, improves people’s mood and helps create a warm and welcoming environment. But while adding daylight to a space may seem simple, once you travel 30 to 40 feet inside the perimeter of a building, natural light from traditional windows and curtainwall, even with the assistance of light shelves, has a difficult time providing sufficient illumination. As a result, areas close to the exterior of the building are well lit while interior spaces are left dark and reliant on energy-hungry artificial lighting. That’s where skylights can help you bring natural light to otherwise unreachable interior spaces.



LightBasic value-engineered Quick Ship translucent skylights are the perfect mix of price and performance. The perfect balance of economy and performance.



Guardian 275® translucent skylights provide a wide range of color, thermal performance and specialty application options. Thermally enhance panels and framing are available.



Auburn® glass, polycarbonate multi-wall, acrylic and mixed glazed skylights are custom designs to provide natural light plus value and performance.



Select smaller sized skylights and wall systems can be shipped to your site pre-assembled – greatly reducing the amount of installation time required on a typical job.



Looking for blast-rated systems or hurricane protection. The specialty solutions also include adapter panels, mixed glazed systems, spectra-grid and removable skylights.

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Enhance Architectural Focal Points

Because of their flexibility, skylights are an elegant and functional way to define and enhance architectural focal points throughout a building’s design. Consider echoing a geometric pattern from the skylight’s framing system in the finished flooring below for an eye-catching visual effect, or repeat a skylight’s shape in ceiling details to help tie it to the rest of the space.


Amp Up the Color

Color also plays an important role in design consistency, and is often the easiest way to add some “flair” to a project. Making creative use of custom finish options allows you to easily tie in a company logo or a school’s team colors for a unique and personalized effect. For a more subtle look, consider matching the color of other interior or exterior materials and finishes.


Consider Different Glazing Materials

Glazing options can also add impact to the overall design. Transparent glazing, for instance, introduces the bright blue of a clear daytime sky and offers the opportunity to bathe surrounding walls or the skylight’s framing in intense contrasting colors. Translucent panel systems provide soft, diffuse light that eliminates glare and offers a geometric grid pattern that highlights building sight lines and blends well both traditional and modern aesthetics.


Versatility in Daylight

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