Project Spotlight: Amtrak Locomotive Service Facility

Amtrak has resumed operations at its revitalized King Street Coach Yard in Seattle, Washington with the erection of a $28 million, state-of-the-art locomotive service facility. Furnished with a 125-ton drop table and a 55-ton drop bridge crane, the railway operator’s new, 31,000 square foot service facility is fully equipped to handle multi-train maintenance along Amtrak’s eighth-busiest passenger route, including two of the region’s long-distance locomotives: The Empire Builder and the Coast Starlight.

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This new service facility was designed by TKDA to improve both travel conditions for passengers as well as working conditions for shop employees. One way TKDA accomplished this is through the incorporation of large areas of Guardian 275® translucent wall panels from Major Industries. The translucent panels illuminate the shop with daylight throughout the daytime hours, allowing for less reliance on artificial light sources, and providing workers with the benefits of natural light. Guardian 275® panels also diffuse natural light, eliminating glare and hot spots that might otherwise be detrimental to worker comfort.

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Natural light has been proven to benefit worker health and productivity, and Major’s Guardian 275® translucent panel systems are an excellent, energy-efficient way to make that happen. Contact us today to find out more about our wide range of skylight, canopy and wall system solutions, and how our 40 years of daylighting design experience can benefit your next project.


Amtrak to Build $28 Million Locomotive Service Facility in Seattle

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