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9 Aug 2019

Project Spotlight: Phillips Exeter Academy

One of the most recent additions to the Phillips Exeter Academy campus is the 85,000 square foot William Boyce Thompson Field House. Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC)  designed the Field House as a year-round recreational space with advanced training facilities for track and field, wrestling, tennis, […]

8 Aug 2019

Design Considerations for Hot Climates

Designing for Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency When it comes to a building’s internal temperature, comfort doesn’t always have to come at a cost.  Buildings designed to compliment the climate in which they’re built not only maximize thermal comfortability but also minimize energy consumption by […]

7 Aug 2019

Thermal Performance Glazing Comparison

      U-Factor = The rate at which a window, door, or skylight conducts non-solar heat. The lower the U-factor, the more effective the insulation. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) =  The fraction of solar radiation transmitted through a window, door, or skylight. The […]

31 Jul 2019

Project Spotlight: Carver Public School

When Carver Public Schools in Massachusetts looked to replace two older school buildings with one new facility to house students pre-K through 5th grade, they sought the help of HMFH Architects to assist them in designing an energy-efficient and vibrant learning space. What resulted is […]

31 Jul 2019

Guardian 275® Cleaning Instructions

With summer wrapping up and school just around the corner, both children and adults will begin settling back into their routines and facilities will once again be filled with their regular occupants. Maintenance teams will have plenty on their plates preparing for this transition; fortunately, […]

31 Jul 2019

How to Maximize Daylight and Minimize UV Damage

August is often spent either soaking up the last of the late summer Sun or hiding from its unbearable heat. While the Sun’s rays bring vast benefits – including light, warmth, and a number of other life-promoting properties – they can also be a source […]

25 Jul 2019

Shout-out to Inside Sales!

From left to right: Lynn, Carrie, Sara, Stephanie, John, Colton, David From initial inquiries about our daylighting systems to the time it ships and beyond, Major’s Inside Sales team works to make finding the right daylighting solution for your next project simple and stress-free. They […]

24 Jul 2019

How Daylight Influences Healing & Healthcare Design

Photo: Lac Vieux Desert Health Center – Watersmeet, MI Solar therapy, in both belief and practice, existed long before the advent of modern medicine; and even as far back as Ancient Rome and Greece, the Sun’s status as a source of health and healing in […]

23 Jul 2019

Music City Mall Makeover

  While most glazing materials have a long lifespan, there comes a time when the effects of weathering and age require systems to be repaired and replaced. The Music City Mall in Odessa, Texas, built in 1980 and housing more than 100 retail stores, recently […]

19 Jul 2019

10 Ways Skylights Bring Value to a Design

10 Ways Skylights Bring Value to a Design: #1: Improved Lighting One of the more obvious benefits of having a skylight is that it lets in light. Skylights supply a funnel through which the sun can spill in and flood a space with light and […]