Translucent Canopies & Outdoor Learning Environments

As schools everywhere tackle the challenges of online and in-person learning, translucent panel canopies can provide a safe and practical solution with shaded outdoor classroom spaces. Guardian 275® canopies and awnings offer a flexible, open-air environment where students can gather and learn while being shielded from potential rain and direct sunlight. While direct sunlight can be hot and create glare, translucent canopies help make outdoor spaces more comfortable so students can sit and focus on their work in a relaxed setting. This also allows students to benefit from the fresh air, natural light, and views that come with being outside, which studies have shown to improve a student’s mental health as well as academic performance.

Guardian 275® translucent panels also make for a functional and eye-catching entrance canopy to protect students and their work from inclement weather during school drop-off and pickup. Click HERE to learn more about Major Industries line of canopy solutions.