The Benefits of Translucent Panel Daylighting in Military Facilities

The ability of translucent panel systems to illuminate a space in soft, natural light while still preserving the privacy and protection of the personnel who work there make them an ideal daylighting solution for military facilities. While safety and security are an important feature in any environment, having a strong, dependable daylighting system is especially important in military facilities where explosive devices may be a threat. To provide this level of protection, Major’s Guardian 275® translucent panel systems have been rigorously tested and performance verified to withstand the force of a blast (see Blast Protection below) – remaining intact and secure in the opening to prevent potential injury due to flying debris.

Privacy is another common priority for military facilities, and by limiting a direct line-of-sight into a facility, translucent panel systems help keep personnel and sensitive materials private while still utilizing natural light. For military hangars and other large open spaces that can be costly to light, translucent panel systems provide a sustainable, energy efficient solution. Not only do they reduce reliance on electrical lighting, they can also help lower cooling costs by controlling solar heat gain and hot spots. Click HERE to learn more about how Guardian 275® systems balance sunlight and security!