The Benefit of Diffused Daylighting in Manufacturing

The Benefit of Diffused Daylighting in Manufacturing

Energy Efficiency – On top of having to power large equipment and heavy machinery, manufacturers must also pay to properly light and cool large workspaces. Consuming this much electricity can be costly for a company without an energy efficient daylighting solution that can help lower electrical costs. Systems like Major’s Guardian 275® translucent panel skylights and walls help manufacturers curb their energy use by illuminating shop space with natural light and preventing solar heat gain from warming the interior and overworking the facility’s HVAC system.

Productivity – Successful manufacturing relies on efficiency.  Studies show that access to natural light during the work day helps workers to feel more alert and awake on the job – saving the manufacturer money by reducing errors and improving productivity. Guardian 275® systems not only provide workers with this light; but by diffusing incoming daylight, they also minimize glare, hot spots, and other annoyances that can interfere with an employee’s ability to properly see and focus on their work.

Privacy – While having a view of the outdoors may be beneficial to workers, allowing direct line of sight into the facility is not ideal for many companies, especially those who deal with highly secure materials or confidential projects. Guardian 275® translucent panel systems provide this privacy while still welcoming soft, natural light into the facility.

Protection – Manufacturing facilities must maintain adequate lighting levels for employee safety. Guardian 275® systems help bring more light into the shop without the worry of direct sunlight or glare interfering a worker’s vision, or hot-spots causing an uncomfortable work environment. In addition to preventing employee injuries, diffusing daylight through translucent panel systems can also protect expensive machinery and susceptible materials from UV damage.

Versatility & FunctionalityGuardian 275® translucent panel systems come in a variety for configurations – from simple single slope skylights to wall systems and canopies. They can also be configured to be easily removable, allowing for easy access to heavy machinery for repair and/or replacement. Wall systems can also be configured with operable windows and louvers for ventilation control, and adapter panels are available that allow for easy retrofit into existing framing.

No matter what type of daylighting system your project demands, we’ll work with you to find the right solution. Contact us today for more information, or visit our Architectural Consulting page with specific questions you have about our systems and how we can integrate into your new construction or retrofit plans.