SpecPro Expands Partnership with Major Industries!

SpecPro, Inc. has expanded their partnership with Major Industries, Inc. to support new construction endeavors. Effective February 2020, SpecPro, Inc. will be the Dealer of Major’s Guardian 275® Translucent Panel Systems, LightBasic™ Translucent Panel Systems, Illumin-PC™ Polycarbonate multi-wall systems and Auburn® Engineered Glass Skylights in Nebraska and Iowa. SpecPro, Inc. is excited to bring Major Industries together with architects and owners looking to integrate daylighting solutions into their new projects.  SpecPro, Inc. has over 20 years’ experience in the inspection and maintenance of commercial architectural translucent skylight and window systems along with retrofit sales and installation.  This expanded partnership will now give owners in Nebraska and Iowa looking for Major Industries daylighting products the full spectrum of services from initial conception, to maintenance and replacement under one turnkey solution provided by SpecPro, Inc. To learn more about SpecPro, Inc., visit: https://specproinc.com/