While you may know that Major Industries provides energy-saving daylighting solutions, you may not know that those solutions also include a number products with specialty applications – such as our Guardian 275® blast protection systems.

One example of this type of project is the P-952 SOF Human Performance Training Center (image above) that’s currently being completed at the Naval Base Coronado Coastal Campus in California (special thanks to our southern California representatives, Architectural Glazing Solutions, for passing along the photo). The building, designed by R J C Architects – Steinberg Hart, features a large area of glazing that includes sections of Guardian 275® translucent panels that have been configured for blast protection. Thoroughly tested to meet and exceed Department of Defense and General Services Administration guidelines, Guardian 275® blast protection systems offer a great combination of protection and natural light – all with the same thermal performance benefits of a standard translucent panel system.

Major also offers a pressure release system for test laboratories, research facilities and other high risk areas. Guardian 275® systems can be fitted with third-party certified fasteners that relieve sudden pressure surges by releasing the panels before structural damage occurs. Stainless steel safety lanyards keep the panels attached to the framing, minimizing the risk to people and property.

Contact us today at 888-759-2678 or sales@majorskylights.com to find out more about how Major can create a system that meets your blast and daylighting requirements, or visit us online for additional details and video of the blast testing procedure.