Skylights with Built-In Fall Protection

Worker safety is an important consideration when it comes to skylights. In order to meet OSHA’s standards for a safe working environment, and properly protect those working on or near a skylight from falling through, many skylights must be protected by a fixed railing or reinforced with interior or exterior metal screens. But with Guardian 275® translucent panel skylights, fall protection is built-in!

With flexible and shatter-proof fiberglass reinforced face sheets and a strong aluminum grid core, Guardian 275® skylights have the ability to withstand the impact of a fall without requiring additional protection. This built-in protection also eliminates the possibility of unseen add-ons impacting the project’s final cost. And while Guardian 275®  systems are structural enough to handle the load, we do still recommend against walking on the panels to avoid potential surface damage the face sheets.

To learn more about the strength of Major Industries daylighting systems and the weight they can support, contact our sales staff at or 888-759-2678. And don’t forget to also check your local regulations for additional information on fall protection requirements.