Recent Ohio Projects

For states like Ohio whose seasonal spectrum extends from one extreme to another, designing a thermal-efficient daylighting system can be a challenge. The Midwest’s inconsistent climate demands an inversely consistent daylighting system that can keep the heat out during hot, humid summers and can keep the heat in during cold, windy winters. Major’s insulated systems make this possible.

Translucent FRP skylights, canopies, and wall systems from Major Industries not only provide occupants with consistent comfort all year round, but also offer a dependable source of daylight without the worry of glare or hotspots. We at Major are proud to be a part of these projects and look forward to the completion of the NIFCO America Corp Warehouse, the Cedar Point Sports Center, and many more Ohio projects!


Home2 Suites – Perrysburg, OH
Kaczmar Architects Inc – Cleveland, OH
Image © Kaczmar Architects Inc

Home2 Suites


Cleveland Water Pollution – Cleveland, OH
AECOM – Cleveland, OH


Cleveland Heights High School – Cleveland Heights, OH
BSHM Architects Inc – Youngstown, OH

Cleveland Heights High School


Middletown High School – Middletown, OH
Fanning Howey Associates Inc – Celina, OH


St. Marys Foundry – St Marys, OH
Garmann Miller Architects Engineers – Minster, OH

St. Marys Foundry


Fairfield Freshman School – Fairfield, OH
SHP Leading Design – Cincinnati, OH


Akron Canton Airport – North Canton, OH
SoL Harris/Day Architecture – North Canton, OH

Akron Canton Airport


Jane Edna Hunter Building – Cleveland, OH
RE Warner & Associates Inc – Westlake, OH