Recent Daylighting Projects in Arizona

In a state like Arizona where UV levels are high, finding the right balance between incoming daylight and incoming heat can be challenging. Direct sunlight can create uncomfortable hot spots and cause interior temperatures to rise significantly, therefore increasing the building’s cooling costs. Exposing the interior to the sun’s harshest rays can also cause damage to susceptible materials like wood flooring and upholstered furniture. Translucent panel systems, however, block damaging UV rays and control solar heat gain, allowing those in warmer climates to enjoy the sun’s natural light while still maintaining comfortable interior temperatures and reasonable cooling costs. Below are a few of the recent projects in Arizona that utilize translucent skylights and wall systems to soften the hot Arizona sun.

Surprise Public Works Operations Facility – Surprise, AZ
Architect: Welman Sperides Mickelberg Architects – Tucson, AZ
System: Guardian 275® Wall Systems

Army Reserve Training Center – Phoenix AZ
Architect: RSP Architects Ltd – Minneapolis, MN
System: Guardian 275® Wall Systems

FY16 Communications Facility – Luke AFB, AZ
Architect: US Army Corp of Engineering – Los Angeles, CA
System: Guardian 275® Wall System

Arizona State University West Skylight – Glendale, AZ
System: Guardian 275® TransCURVE™ Skylight

Banner University Medical Center – Phoenix, AZ
Architect: H K S Architects Inc – Dallas, TX
System: Guardian 275® Single Slope Skylights