While we often think of canopies as being plain and utilitarian, they can also become eye-catching design elements. This month we’re taking a quick look at a unique canopy design for the new Norton Brownsboro Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky (scheduled to open in 2020 – you can read more about the project here). Besides a new 172,000 square-foot tower and the renovation of an additional 44,000 square feet of existing space, the hospital will also be getting a new parking structure, designed by DesignGroup, that’s complete with a few strikingly angular canopy designs over the stairways.

The Guardian 275® translucent panel systems twist over the corners of the structure and cap the stairwells, allowing for protection from rain and snow while still allowing them to remain well lit during daytime hours. While a standard canopy overhead would shield some precipitation and provide some protection from the sun, the Norton Brownsboro Hospital ramp design goes a step beyond, reaching vertically towards the ground to protect from driving rain and wind. The DesignGroup’s unique canopies also serve another purpose – clearly calling out entry and exit points for visitors, not to mention providing some additional visual interest.

With their lightweight design that requires minimal structure, as well as multiple configuration options, Guardian 275® systems are an excellent solution for one-of-a-kind daylighting systems. From angular canopies to curving skylights to mixed glazed wall systems, we will work with you to find a solution to your toughest daylighting challenges. Photo courtesy of Adam Olson with Olson Architectural Products.