Project Spotlight: Riverview Health Westfield Hospital – Westfield, IN

In 2018, Westfield, IN welcomed the area’s first combined emergency and urgent care center in the form of a new, six story and 108,000 square foot hospital. The $50 million Riverview Health Westfield Hospital was designed by American Structurepoint to integrate a range of inpatient and outpatient services under a single roof and alleviate the anxiety of determining the necessary level of care. Through the new hospital, patients will have access to an outpatient pharmacy, cutting-edge laboratory and imaging services, physical and occupational therapy, and a variety of clinician offices. The facility also includes three surgery suites, five post-operative recovery rooms, and 16 private inpatient rooms.

In addition to its many interior amenities, the new hospital also showcases a skillfully designed exterior, including two single slope translucent canopies by Major Industries covering the facility’s main entrances. The hospital experience is stressful enough for patients and their loved ones without the additional discomfort of a wet walk in. Functional, yet eye-catching, Major Industries Guardian 275® canopy systems shelter patients entering and exiting the hospital from rain, snow, and solar heat -preventing further physical distress while still allowing soft, diffused natural light to illuminate the walkway.

Architect: American Structurepoint

General Contractor: Summit Construction Co

Installer: Spohn Associates Inc