Project Spotlight: Replacing Worn Skylights

Skylights need to be replaced for a wide variety of reasons – from impact damage to deterioration from old age to inefficient glazing materials. No matter what the reason, it might be wise to consider a translucent panel option for your retrofit project.

Translucent panel daylighting systems, as they weigh significantly less than traditional glass skylights and generally require less structural support, allow for unfettered design freedom. They also provide great solar heat gain control and glare control, and can be insulated for enhanced thermal performance.

Maybe you’re looking to replace a worn out glass skylight, or have an acrylic or fiberglass skylight at the end of its life cycle – no matter what the circumstance, Major can help. From large custom designed ridge skylights like those shown above being installed at Scott Air Force base in Illinois, to small, pre-assembled options that ship quickly to your site, we will work with you to find the optimal solution for your retrofit project.
(Image courtesy of Slayden Glass.)