One of the most recent additions to the Phillips Exeter Academy campus is the 85,000 square foot William Boyce Thompson Field House. Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC)  designed the Field House as a year-round recreational space with advanced training facilities for track and field, wrestling, tennis, baseball and softball. The multi-level space also connects to Exeter’s other gym complexes, allowing for a cohesive set of spaces focused on athletic programs and fitness activities, as well as creating a more welcoming and accessible environment for spectators.

While the facility offers unique features like an underground parking facility for 170 cars and multi-use educational and video/broadcasting spaces on the upper level, the main focus of the William Boyce Thompson Field House is the ground floor. The 200 meter six-lane track oval and other dedicated areas for shot put, high jump, pole vault and more – as well as spaces dedicated to wrestling – are open and brightly lit, thanks in part to the use of Guardian 275® translucent wall panels throughout the space. They’re a great solution for athletic facilities and other sports-related spaces as they soften and diffuse natural light throughout the space, helping to provide athletes with optimal conditions for peak performance and allowing spectators to enjoy the action without hot-spots or glare.

The William Boyce Thompson Field House is also built to excel on an environmental level, having been built to LEED® Gold standards and featuring energy-saving materials like Guardian 275® translucent panels, the implementation of a 1,500 panel rooftop solar array, repurposed materials from the previous facility, and other sustainable construction strategies. This bright, open and lively space is a welcome addition to both Exeter students and staff as well as the surrounding community.