Project Spotlight: Flushing High School Raider Fieldhouse – Flushing, MI

With a magnitude unlike any other high school athletic facility in the Flint area, Flushing High School’s new, $9 million-plus Raider Fieldhouse – designed by Kingscott Associates – stands as a testament to the Flushing community’s commitment to student wellness and community involvement. This state-of-the-art facility was built to accommodate a variety of athletic interests and provides enough space for multiple sports teams to practice in the same facility. The large fieldhouse includes a three-lane/one-tenth of a mile elevated indoor track, a cutting-edge weight room, a multi-purpose fitness room, new training and wrestling rooms, team break rooms, and a beautiful new gymnasium.

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What will come to be a major resource for high school athletes and the entire Flushing community, the new 15,000 sq. ft. gymnasium provides the extra room the district desperately needed to practice and compete effectively. Prior to the construction of the Raider Fieldhouse and the new gymnasium, multiple teams were forced to share a single school gym, which made scheduling practice difficult and meant that some athletes were still practicing as late as 9:30 p.m. The new gymnasium has not only freed up practice time, but has also made it possible for the district to host larger events and tournaments. In comparison to the 1,300-seat capacity of the old gym, the Raider Fieldhouse gym accommodates up to 2,000 fans. It also includes an elevator and wide stairwell so fans can easily access their seats from the second level rather than walking across the gym floor and climbing their way up.

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Having easily accessible stands is just one example of how the Raider Fieldhouse was designed to be both visually stunning and extremely functional. Another example is the use of Guardian 275® translucent panel wall systems that combine the aesthetic advantages of natural light with the functional advantages of a high-performance translucent glazing. By diffusing incoming daylight, translucent panel systems like the one featured in the new Raider Fieldhouse prevent direct streams of sunlight, as well as glare off the gymnasium floor, from interfering with an athlete’s vision. Translucent panel systems also minimize solar heat gain, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures for athletes and viewers without raising cooling costs. They also reduce reliance on artificial lighting during daylight hours, helping large athletic facilities like the Raider Fieldhouse lower their operational costs.

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Architect: Kingscott Associates Inc
Contractor: Wolgast Corp
Installer: Architectural Glazing Systems, Inc.
Sales Rep: Olson Architectural Products