Project Spotlight: Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter School – Franklin, MA

After over seven years of planning, the K-8 students of the renowned Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School (BFCCPS) are now being dropped off at a beautiful, brand-new 75,510-square-foot building where they have access to new technology, more space, and plenty of natural daylight. BFCCPS has long been commitment to supporting its students and its community through classical education; and thanks to its new, larger location, the school has been able to double its capacity from 450 to 900 students and reduce what has historically been a long waiting list. The school’s unique U-shaped design separates the building into three sections – lower grades, upper grades, and a central commons area – that include specialized spaces for art, music, and science as well as ample classroom space and an auditorium.

Image © Robert Benson Photography 

Its design inspired by the local pastoral landscape, the new BFCCPS building blends soft greys and whites with wooden accents for a scenic, stable-like aesthetic that reflects the school’s connection to its community and natural surroundings. This connection to nature also extends to the building’s daylighting systems, as the design’s reference to traditional agricultural structures is further enhanced by the use of Guardian 275® translucent wall systems with a Verti-Lite™ grid pattern that resembles that of wooden planks.

Image © Robert Benson Photography 

The Guardian 275® system at BFCCPS also features both fixed and operable glass glazing intermingled with the translucent panels, allowing for a mix of ventilation and glare control while also preserving the pleasant views of the school’s courtyard and surrounding landscape. Along with those benefits, studies show that natural light has a tremendous positive effect on a student’s wellbeing and academic performance, including being more awake and focused during class and having higher attendance levels.

The new BFCCPS is an eye-catching and innovative space that optimizes daylight for the maximum benefit of its students, and the Guardian 275® mixed glazed system chosen for the project is a great fit for the goals and unique design scheme of the facility.

Image © Robert Benson Photography 

Project Partners:
Architect: Arrowstreet Architecture & Design
Contractor: CTA Construction Managers
Installer: A&A Window Products Inc
Representative: Skylights New England