Project Spotlight: Baystate Noble Hospital – Westfield, MA

As part of their mission to provide both visitors and patients with a positive healthcare experience that starts at arrival, Baystate Noble Hospital in Westfield, MA recently underwent a $1.6 million renovation of the facility’s front entrance and lobby to improve access for those with disabilities.

A nationally recognized leader in healthcare quality and safety, the Baystate Noble Hospital prides itself on providing patients with a safe, soothing environment as soon as they enter the building; and the recent renovation is just one example of this. “This new entrance and lobby are symbolic of Baystate Health’s commitment to healthcare excellence close to where people live and work,” stated Baystate president, Ronald Bryant, “We are honored to provide the greater Westfield community with a leading destination for health and wellness.”

The refurbished interior features a number of sought-after amenities including new seating, increased lobby space, an expanded reception space, and even brighter paint colors, but perhaps the most critical changes were those made to the hospital’s exterior. Circular driveways were re-graded. Walkways were leveled. New automatic sliding doors were installed. And a customized, drive-under canopy from Major Industries was added for further patient protection.

Not only does the canopy’s eye-catching design serve as a striking testament to the architect’s skills, but it is also functional. While standard glass canopies offer little UV protection and can even concentrate the incoming rays to create uncomfortable hot spots for those standing below, Major’s Guardian 275® translucent canopy diffuses the daylight to protect patients from heat and glare of the direct sun while still shielding them from other weather conditions like rain and snow. This allows those entering or exiting the hospital to experience the benefits of a naturally, well-lit walkway while simultaneously enjoying a little relief from a sometimes-intense sun.