Project Spotlight: Athabasca Pool and Fitness Center – Athabasca, Alberta

An eager Athabasca community recently celebrated the long-awaited opening of the region’s only public pool: the Athabasca Aquatic Center. Designed by Group2 Architecture, this $17 million addition to the Athabasca Regional Multiplex is the product of collective action from community members, multiplex staff and supporters, and town officials who volunteered as part of a Pool Design Committee that would meet regularly to share ideas and determine the future of the facility as part of the community’s overarching goal for sustained growth.

Construction on the project began in 2017; and by July of 2019, the new Athabasca Aquatic Center – including a leisure pool, lazy river, hot tub, water slide, sauna, and a 25-meter lap pool – was opened to the public. The center’s wide range of amenities make it the perfect pool experience for recreational swimmers, competitive swimmers, aquatic fitness fans, and the energetic youth who are sure to enjoy the pool’s diving board, climbing wall, basketball hoops, and other kid friendly activities.  Other favorable features also include a zero-entry ramp, changing cubicles, bleachers, a fully-equipped fitness room, and indoor access to soft natural daylight through Major’s Guardian 275® translucent wall system.

Folded around the Aquatic Center’s exterior walls, Major’s translucent panels make it possible for pool-goers to soak up the sun’s light without the worry of unmanaged heat loss or gain creating an uncomfortable swimming experience. The panel system’s high strength and enhanced U-factors make it an ideal solution for aquatic facilities, particularly in northern regions like Athabasca, where temperature control and effective insulation are crucial to occupant comfort. Major’s translucent panel systems not only offer better insulation than standard glass glazing options, but they also resist harsh chemicals, moisture, and temperature swings that are common in aquatic environments and can cause damage to other daylighting systems. To stand up to harsh environments like indoor pool areas, Major’s systems even include built-in moisture management to direct condensation to the outside of the building. If you have a pool project and would like more information on the performance of translucent panels in harsh environments, see

Photo courtesy of Visit Athabasca