Major’s Shop Team

Our shop employees are the unsung heroes of Major’s success. Each day they work hard to take what’s on paper (or digitized!) and make it a reality. From processing metal and assembling panels to shipping and crating to quality control and machinery maintenance, they work as a team everyday to create the most dependable daylighting systems available. And from our temporary summer workers to team members going on their 31st year (thanks Mark!), you can be assured that they’re all striving to make your system the best it can be.

Back (Left to Right): Steve, Dan, Mark, Justin, Mojtaba, Brauley, Connor, Steve, Kurt, William, Jacob, David, Shawn, Chris, Jason, Derrick, Javonte, Kirk, Josh, Joe, Patrick, April. Center Front (Left to Right): Beverly, Farhad, Stanley, Chai.

Clockwise from Top Left: Kurt, Stanley, Kirk, Javonte & Shawn, Jacob, Derrick