Major Highlights from 2019

As the year comes to close, we take a backwards look at some of the Major highlights of 2019 and the bright new buildings that stand as testament.

Each year, the Major team works hard to figuratively and literally outshine the last – constantly looking for new ways to improve its products and practices and to provide its customers with the highest-performing skylights, canopies, and wall systems. In addition to making upgrade to the plant to improve efficiency, Major has also expanded its unitized and pre-assembled system options and introduced a new line of Auburn® E+ glass skylights. 2019 has also seen the completion of some of the largest projects Major has had the honor to participate in – including the restoration of New York’s historic Admiral’s Row. Daylighting systems of all sizes, shapes, and styles have passed through Major’s shop over the past twelve months, but here are just few of our favorites:

Carver Elementary School – Carver, MA
Images © Ed Wonsek


Expo Square Arena – Tulsa, OK
Images © Yellow Dog Design Works, LLC


Amtrak Locomotive Shop – Seattle, WA
Images © Francis Zera /


John R. Dimitry Building – NECC, Lawrence, MA


Athabasca Pool and Fitness Center – Athabasca, Alberta
Images © Visit Athabasca


NY State Fairground Exposition Center – Syracuse, NY


Norton Brownsboro Hospital – Louisville, KY
Images © Adam Olson/Olson Architectural Products


Holiday Inn – Panama City, FL