Major Featured in Athletic Business Article on Daylighting Athletic Facilities

Major Industries was featured in Athletic Business article by Brock Fritz:

How Natural Light Can Change Athletic Facilities and Occupants’ Attitudes


“There are a number of ways to give people a comfortable, outdoor feeling while inside. In the athletics industry, operators seek daylighting solutions in practice facilities, aquatics facilities and recreation centers. Translucent panels have become a popular way to fill those immense spaces with light, while also decreasing heat gain and glare, and offering privacy to people working out or swimming.

“You get the benefit of natural light, but you also protect the people inside a little bit,” Mitchell says. “A lot of the larger football programs are building large indoor practice facilities for their athletes. For those reasons, it lets the light in, it diffuses it a little bit so that you don’t get that direct sunlight that can be glary and harmful, especially in a sports setting. It brings in that softer light.”

The more comfortable prospective student-athletes feel in a space, the more likely they’ll be to attend the school. From there, they’ll likely spend more time working out, which could eventually lead to more wins and more money for the university.”

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