Lines, Grids & Aesthetics

Major offers a wide range of glazing options, but even within translucent panel systems there are numerous ways to add customization to meet your project’s needs. Our translucent panel systems all feature an internal aluminum grid that’s visible through the fiberglass sheets. This look can be muted somewhat by utilizing white or colored sheets, but it’s visible in all of our panels.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it can enhance the look of your building. From a square-ish 7″ x 7″ grid pattern (left side of image left) that gives our panels a distinct geometric look, to a more channel glass type look with vertical grid only (for wall systems), we have a configuration that’s right for your next project. And if you don’t see something that fits, contact us to find out if a custom grid is an option.

Don’t forget that we can also custom color insulation for a unique way to incorporate school colors into a building (or to mimic stained glass), and we can match finish colors as well if you’re looking to tie the daylighting system into another part of the building. Contact our sales team today at or 888-759-2678 to find out how we can customize your daylighting experience.