Jefferson High School Natatorium

Images © James Steinkamp Photography


Location: Lafayette, IN
Architect: Keystone Architecture
System: Guardian 275Ⓡ Translucent Wall Panel Systems
System Square Footage: 3,770 sq. ft.

The Jefferson High School Natatorium provides community members of all ages and swimming abilities with an adaptive, high-performance aquatic facility to sharpen and showcase their skills. Guardian 275® translucent panel systems illuminate the natatorium in soft, diffuse daylight that reduces glare on the water’s surface.


With a dynamic three-dimensional facade and a wave shaped roof over the entrance, the Jefferson Natatorium’s eye-catching exterior is a reflection of the various aquatic activities the facility can accommodate. This includes swimming lessons, physical education classes, lifeguard training, advanced swimming for adults, scuba training, and even kayaking. The two-story, 29,500-square-foot natatorium features an eight-lane competition pool separated from a diving well by a moveable bulkhead as well as an elevated spectator seating area located above the facility’s locker rooms.

Another advantage of the natatorium’s design is the abundance of natural light provided by the facility’s clerestory and vertical ribbon daylighting. The insulated Guardian 275® translucent panel systems help to illuminate the pool area and locker rooms while preserving the privacy of those using the facility. Translucent daylighting also reduces unwanted glare from reflecting off the water’s surface.

The thickness of the 4” panels enhance the translucent system’s insulating capabilities to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without exhausting the facility’s HVAC system. This supports sustainability while helping to avoid escalating utility costs during the summer and winter when temperatures outside can be extreme.

In addition to providing a functional source of daylight, the translucent system’s Verti-Lite™ grid pattern also offers a pleasant visual. When lit from behind at night, the backlit panels appear glowing to those outside, further contributing to the natatorium’s impressive exterior. Click HERE to learn more about how translucent panel systems can be used to improve the appearance and performance of an aquatic facility.

Project Partners:
Architect: Keystone Architecture
Contractor: JR Kelly Company Inc
Installer: Hoosier Glass Company
Representative: Spohn Associates Inc