Interior Wall Applications

While you might usually think of translucent panel wall systems for exterior uses – like a large section in an athletic facility or in a clerestory in a manufacturing facility – they are also useful for interior applications. From room dividers and office partitions to interior walls, they can add borrowed light, privacy and a unique look to your space.

Our Guardian 275® translucent panels are available in a wide variety of color and size options to fit your space, including a 1” panel option that’s lightweight and versatile for use in building interiors or as a partition wall. Our standard 2.75” panels can provide a more industrial look, and Spectra-Grid™ colored insulation options can make it easy to incorporate school or brand colors into the mix. But no matter which configuration you choose, Major’s translucent panel systems allow light to transmit from one space to another while still limiting views to sensitive spaces. They are also lightweight, allowing for numerous design opportunities, including cubicle walls or mobile room dividers.

Major also provides a number of custom finish options, from color matching to the latest technologies like unique anodize colors and wood-like finishes for aluminum. Contact our sales team today to find out more!

No matter what your space demands – interior or exterior – Major can help you find a unique and useful daylighting solution.