With summer wrapping up and school just around the corner, both children and adults will begin settling back into their routines and facilities will once again be filled with their regular occupants. Maintenance teams will have plenty on their plates preparing for this transition; fortunately, Major’s FRP panel systems are easy to clean and a quick box to check! FRP panel systems are typically low maintenance with most dirt and debris being removed naturally during rainstorms, but the occasional cleaning administered with the proper techniques can help remove stubborn stains and maximize the performance of your skylight or wall system.

Below are general guidelines for cleaning the FRP face sheet. Please keep in mind that cleaning methods for aluminum framing can differ depending on finishes and that the guidelines below focus only on the FRP face sheet (for full details and framing instructions, please refer to the Guardian275 cleaning instructions sheet provided with your system)

Mild Procedures

Most stains or deposits can be removed from the fiberglass with plain warm or cold water. If the stain persists, try washing with water containing a mild household soap or detergent followed by a clear water rinse. A soft cloth and very little pressure should be used to prevent polishing the stained area. Stains such as lipstick and ball-point pen ink require the use of full-strength detergent solutions for removal. All-purpose cleaner can be effective, but cleaning agents containing solvent should not be used.

Moderate Procedures

For more moderate stains, (tar, grease, oil, paint, graffiti, etc.) use equal amounts of Isopropyl alcohol or degreasing detergent and water, limiting contact to under five minutes. Remember to test a small area first, and take the necessary precautions when working with flammable solutions. Do not use solvents or paint removers – or wire brushes, steel wool, sandpaper, or similar abrasives – as they may damage the fiberglass surface.

Once cleaning is complete, it’s usually a good time to also inspect all exterior caulk joints to ensure weather tightness. With a properly cleaned and maintained system, you’ll ensure years of worry-free natural light! For more information on proper cleaning procedures for your specific product selection, contact our sales team at 888-759-2678 or