Daylighting Horror Stories

Sorting Fact from Fiction

Daylighting Horror Stories

In honor of the Halloween season, we thought we’d take a look at some “scary” stories that have been floating around the construction world. Sadly, these two questions seem to be the most discussed, but we’re here to set the record straight!

Skylights often get a bad rap – especially when it comes to leaks. Some people have had bad experiences with leaks and poor water management systems while others are simply reacting to the negative myths that surround skylights. The truth is that poorly designed and improperly installed skylights do leak. That’s why it’s important to do your homework and examine the types of materials used, systems that are in place to handle excess water, and the installation crew. It’s for this reason that Major works closely with our installers, and why we offer standard high-performance EPDM gasketing and high-performance sealants, integral condensation and weeping systems and maximum allowable deflection limits that go beyond the competition and provide strong, dependable and worry-free performance.

Another key to having a skylight that will stand the test of time is to make sure you consider regular maintenance and upkeep. Like any building material, skylights occasionally need to be inspected and cleaned for optimum performance,

The other “scary story” we’re sometimes asked about with regard to our translucent panel systems is color change. As resins age and are exposed to damaging UV, they can sometimes break down which can cause discoloration. The truth, however, is that technology has provided some great advancements from “the good old days” of translucent panels. With developments in resin, and through our partnership with Crane Composites, the world’s leading provider of fiber-reinforced composite materials, we’ve created a face sheet – what we call the Ultimate Series™ – that offers industry best color change warranties up to 20 years. By using a Major Industries system, you can rest assured that it will perform at the highest level in any climate.

No matter which Major Industries system you choose – from glass skylights to translucent panel wall systems to polycarbonate multi-wall canopies – we’re here to build you the best daylighting system available. Call us at 888-759-2678, or email to see why Major Industries is the right choice for weatherproof daylighting solutions.