Daylighting Design Tips Now Online

Whether you’re curious about how translucent panels are constructed, or are looking for some tips on daylighting design, we recently added a few new pages to our website with some great new content.

The first new page takes a look at some of the benefits of daylighting. From better concentration in students to more retail sales in stores and better moods in workplaces, numerous studies have shown that access to natural light is beneficial in numerous ways – some of which we highlight through an interactive image.

The second addition hits on some daylighting design tips, from thoughts on how much light a space needs to interpreting thermal performance to some useful links to industry calculators.

We also added some additional information on the benefits of translucent panel daylighting systems, from their unique sandwich panel construction to their high-performance face sheets and thermal performance benefits.

Last, but certainly not least, we updated our page on why Major is the the right choice for your next project. We’ve worked hard since our start back in 1980 to put our customers first, and have emphasized a commitment to working with you throughout the process – from the time you first contact us with rough dimensions or a design idea to the time it’s installed and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the new content. Keep an eye out for additional updates throughout the year!