Daylighting Benefits for Aquatic Facilities

While many public aquatic centers and related facilities have been forced to reduce hours or close due to the pandemic, with winter moving extracurricular activities indoors we thought we’d take a quick look at the benefits of daylighting aquatic facilities.


While pools tend to go hand-in-hand with sunshine, too much sun and unobstructed views can cause issues for aquatic facilities. Uncontrolled sunlight can cause annoying glare, as well as uncomfortable hot-spots. And while views to the outdoors can be visually pleasing, pool areas often demand a certain level of privacy for clients that traditional transparent glass systems can’t provide. Utilizing a translucent panel skylight or wall system like Guardian 275®, LightBasic™ or Clima-Tite™, can be the perfect solution for many types of spaces. They are available in a wide variety of configurations – from pre-assembled to custom to specialty options like blast, hurricane and removable systems – can be insulated for enhanced thermal performance in cold climates. Another benefit of translucent panel systems is the built-in privacy they provide, as they block a direct line of sight into a space. If views or ventilation is desired, we offer mixed glazed and unitized options that combine the best of both worlds, incorporating glass with translucent panels as well as louvers, operable windows, metal panels and more. And for extreme environments like aquatic facilities, where chemicals can quickly attack metal, our Clima-Tite™ systems feature pultruded fiberglass framing for unmatched corrosion resistance.

From small indoor pool facilities to school natatoriums to massive aquatic centers, we’ll work with you to find and design the right daylighting solution for your space. Give us a call at 888-759-2678 or send us an email at to find out more!