Creating A “Hub” of Activity

Food trucks have become popular the past few years, and that’s true in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding towns as well. To accommodate the ever-growing number of trucks, and to help business sell their food throughout the year, The Food Truck League, a Utah-based company that coordinates events in the area, took on the project of creating an indoor/outdoor space that would provide room for up to 12 trucks while also giving customers an indoor space to enjoy their food – at any time of the year. In an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Taylor Harris, a founding partner of the league, said “It’s food trucks 2.0. It’s the food truck experience, with the amenities of a restaurant.”

With the help of Curtis Miner Architecture, they created “The Hub”, a unique pavilion-style space that’s arguably one of the best food truck hubs in the country. The large, open exterior space provides customers with a grassy area filled with tables, chairs and benches where they can enjoy the culinary options, and each food truck spot also offers electrical plug-ins, which means the trucks don’t need to operate the sometimes noisy and un-environmentally friendly generators to keep their truck’s equipment operating.

Inside, the designers, along with the help of the Food Truck League, set out to keep the “gritty feel” of the food truck scene while offering customers a welcoming and bright environment. The facility features heat for the cold winter months, but also includes large operable garage doors in the front area that allows the space to be transformed into an open-air patio during the spring and summer. The space is also surrounded by an IlluminPC™ polycarbonate multi-wall system that brings additional natural light into the space throughout the year, keeping the space open and airy. IlluminPC™ also offers great thermal performance during the harsh Utah winters, and provides light control during the sun-bathed summer months.

The Hub has become a destination spot for hungry Salt Lake City residents throughout the year, and is a great example of how inspiration and ingenuity can benefit the entire community.



Architect: Curtis Miner Architecture
Contractor: Arris Group – Salt Lake City, UT
Installer: B & B Specialties LLC
Sales Rep: Daly Associates



Images by Martin van Hemert Photography