Control the Cold with Clima-Tite™

You’re probably familiar with Major’s Guardian 275® line of translucent panel skylights, canopies and wall systems, but we also manufacture a unique high-performance translucent panel wall system – Clima-Tite™ – that features pultruded fiberglass framing instead of standard aluminum.

Clima-Tite™ systems are a great choice for harsh environments – from extremely cold climates to corrosive areas like water treatment plants or aquatic facilities. The fiberglass framing works as a giant thermal break, resisting thermal transfer, and the material is extremely resistant to corrosive chemicals that can eat away at steel and aluminum. Clima-Tite™ also features Ultimate Series™ fiberglass face sheet technology – like our Guardian 275® systems – that offers industry-long warranties against weathering and color change.

Clima-Tite™ also has another advantage – a snap-to-lock cap that eliminates the need for exterior fasteners and offers a clean and sleek look. The snap-to-lock cap also speeds up installation times. And it’s also available with an integrated operable window for a great mix of ventilation and sun control.

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