Case Study: Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center

Running Toward a Brighter Future

Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center



Location: Louisville, KY
Architect: Moody Nolan
System: Guardian 275Ⓡ Translucent Wall Systems
Square Footage: 11,000 sq. ft.



Built on 24 acres of a once neglected brownfield in Louisville’s West End, the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center stands as a symbol of progress for the city’s many residents and workers who continue to push past historical hardships towards a brighter, healthier future. The massive multi-sport complex is made even more radiant with the installation of Guardian 275Ⓡ translucent wall panel systems that illuminate the indoor track in soft, natural daylight.

With 90,000 square feet of floor space including a 4,000 seat, 200-meter indoor track and competition areas for jumps, vaults, and more, the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center is an ideal venue for hosting a variety of local and national track and field events. The indoor track’s hydraulic floor can also be lowered to accommodate for the additional staging and seating necessary for large concerts and other events. Community members can even take advantage of the complex’s four-lane mini bowling alley and interactive climbing wall.

The Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center is more than a track. By drawing large groups of visitors to the city, the venue helps support the local economy, including the city’s many black-owned businesses, and is a long-term investment in Louisville’s West End. And by providing children and teens with a safe space to learn and cultivate their skills, the Sports and Learning Center also promotes the positive physical and mental development of the city’s youth.

One of the ways the project’s architects helped to create this safe and comfortable environment for West End residents was through the frequent incorporation of natural daylight throughout their design. Guardian 275® translucent wall panel systems were installed throughout the venue’s lobby and indoor track area to diffuse incoming daylight – reducing both glare and hot spots – so visitors can comfortably enjoy the day’s indoor activities without having to sacrifice sunlight, and athletes aren’t distracted and can focus on their performance. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of translucent daylighting in large athletic facilities like the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center.


Architect: Moody Nolan
Contractor: Calhoun Construction
Installer: Toni Levy & Associates
Representative: Olson Architectural Products