Being Planet Passionate

Major Industries became part of the Kingspan Light + Air group in July of 2021, and one of Kingspan’s global focuses is Planet Passionate, a 10 year sustainability effort that aims to impact three big global issues – climate change, circularity and protection of our natural world. By setting challenging targets in the areas of energy, carbon, circularity and water, Kingspan aims to make significant advances in the sustainability of both business operations and products.

Commitment to net zero energy

  • Maintain our Net Zero Energy target
  • Increase our direct use of renewable energy to 60% by 2030
  • Increase our on-site generation of renewable energy to 20% by 2030
  • Install solar PV systems on all owned facilities by 2030

Commitment to carbon reduction

  • Net zero carbon manufacturing by 2030
  • 50% reduction in product CO2 intensity from our primary supply partners by 2030
  • Zero emission company cars by 2025

Commitment to circularity

  • 1 billion PET bottles upcycled into insulation by 2025
  • All Quadcore™ insulation to utilize upcycled PET by 2025
  • Zero company waste to landfill by 2030

Commitment to water harvesting

  • 5 active ocean clean-up projects by 2025
  • 100 million liters of rainwater harvested by 2030

We’re excited to be part of these sustainability goals, both locally and globally. To read more about the Planet Passionate program, please click HERE.