Coatings for Any Environment

Whether you’re in an extreme weather location where the sun’s UV can cause significant degradation and damage, or in highly corrosive locations like coastal areas or aquatic facilities, the finish you choose can have a huge impact on the longevity of your daylighting system.

Why Choose Major for your Daylighting Needs?

(Information below and inset images are courtesy of Linetec, one of our finishing partners.)

Pre-treatment and Pre-planning
It’s important to consider that one of the best defenses against paint failure is proper pre-treatment of the aluminum, as premature failure of the finish is almost guaranteed without it. Make sure your daylighting provider works with finish partners that understand how vital these preparatory steps can be.

When selecting paint options for corrosive or extreme environments, make sure to specify high-performance 70% PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coatings (Kynar®), as they’re required to perform to rigorous testing performance standards, including more than 4,000 hours of salt spray, and heat- and humidity-resistance to meet AAMA specifications. Kynar®/PVDF coatings are also available in a 50% option for more “standard” environmental conditions. These finishes are available in both standard and custom colors and also shield the building against weathering, pollution and aging. That’s because the carbon-fluorine bond used in Kynar®/PVDF coatings is one of the strongest known, supporting long-term color and gloss-retention and chalk-resistance, even under intense UV radiation.

When extreme hardness is required for aluminum building components, an anodized aluminum finish is a great option. Besides coming in both clear and a range of color options, the hardness of anodized aluminum rivals that of a diamond (on the Moh scale of hardness, a diamond is 10 and anodized aluminum is 9).

Architectural anodize is specified for its natural beauty, but also for its long life and low maintenance. It provides excellent wear and abrasion resistance with minimal maintenance in most environments, and it resists the ravages of time, temperature, corrosion, humidity and warping. A limited number of color choices are available, including clear, various shades of bronze, and some newer colors that mimic the look of copper and even a darker red shade.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Of course it’s also important to take care of your system’s finishes once installed. Studies show that atmospheric pollution can have a negative effect on finish longevity, and runoff from adjacent site materials like mortar, cement and even gypsum dust can accumulate as alkaline deposits on aluminum surfaces and must be promptly rinsed. While somewhat more resistant to alkaline attack than anodized surfaces, high-performance paint finishes can be damaged by rough attempts to remove buildup.

There’s no doubt that corrosion of architectural aluminum materials is a concern, but by taking the proper steps and preventative measures to minimize the potential for its occurrence, you can preserve aluminum’s intended look, reduce replacement costs and conserve resources.

For more information on finish options available for Major’s daylighting systems, including custom color matching, email us at fnyrf@znwbefxlyvtugf.pbz or call 888-759-2678. (*Also note that colors shown in the charts below are for reference only and are not an exact match to actual colors – please contact us to request specific color chips and related information before making your final choice.)

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