The Daylighting Difference: Energy Efficient Lighting

October is National Energy Awareness Month, and Major Industries is looking at a few of the ways that translucent panel systems help an organization lower its energy use and save on electrical [...]

The Benefit of Diffused Daylighting in Manufacturing

The Benefit of Diffused Daylighting in Manufacturing Energy Efficiency – On top of having to power large equipment and heavy machinery, manufacturers must also pay to properly light and cool [...]

Daylighting Difference: Better Eye Health

In addition to positively impacting people’s mental and emotional wellbeing, regular exposure to natural light has also been shown to improve physical wellbeing – including the development [...]

Major Featured in Athletic Business Article on Daylighting Athletic Facilities

Major Industries was featured in Athletic Business article by Brock Fritz: How Natural Light Can Change Athletic Facilities and Occupants’ Attitudes   “There are a number of ways to [...]

Natural Light and Workplace Productivity

Employee compensation is often one of a company’s largest operational costs; and given the high percentage of revenue that it consumes, it is only sensible that an employer seeks to optimize that [...]

The Daylighting Difference: Sustainability

Given that a large fraction of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, one of the most significant steps a company can take towards a sustainable [...]

Diffused Daylighting for Neurodiverse Spaces

The visual environment plays a vital role in the mental and emotional wellbeing of its observers; and an important part of being an architect is understanding how different people respond to [...]

The Daylighting Difference: Happier, More Attentive Healthcare Providers

The high-responsibility, high-stress nature of healthcare work is widely-known for wearing on a worker’s mental and physical well-being. Long shifts in an environment with little sunlight leaves [...]

How Retail Daylighting Benefits the Bottom Line

While the upfront cost of high-performance daylighting can be daunting to designers, multiple studies show the long-term benefits of retail daylighting greatly outweigh the initial investment. By [...]


The Daylighting Difference: Biophilic Design

In an urban age when most waking hours are spent indoors, Biophilic design strives to satisfy the innate human tendency to hunt for and associate with the natural ingredients for human health and [...]