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Category: Daylighting Benefits

24 Jul 2019

How Daylight Influences Healing & Healthcare Design

Photo: Lac Vieux Desert Health Center – Watersmeet, MI Solar therapy, in both belief and practice, existed long before the advent of modern medicine; and even as far back as Ancient Rome and Greece, the Sun’s status as a source of health and healing in […]

19 Jul 2019

10 Ways Skylights Bring Value to a Design

10 Ways Skylights Bring Value to a Design: #1: Improved Lighting One of the more obvious benefits of having a skylight is that it lets in light. Skylights supply a funnel through which the sun can spill in and flood a space with light and […]

16 Jul 2019

How Daylight Guides Circadian Rhythm

The center of our solar system and source of all life on Earth, the Sun supplies unequivocal and irreplaceable light that our body needs to regulate the daily rhythms by which our bodies move and operate including body temperature, hormone release, energy level, appetite, and […]