Continuing Education

For four decades, Major Industries has provided top quality custom daylighting solutions. During this time we have also tried to educate our clients and potential customers on the benefits of daylighting and proper techniques for choosing the daylighting system that best fits their needs.

Direct Learning Opportunities

Major Industries currently offers two AIA registered Continuing Education course on daylighting. The first  covers daylighting and its benefits, and puts extra emphasis on translucent panel daylighting systems, including how they’re constructed and their unique benefits. The second program also deals with translucent panel systems, but is focused on specialty and high-performance options like blast and hurricane protection, the benefits of removable systems and more (both meet HSW requirements). Both programs also look at creative design opportunities when using skylights and translucent wall systems, and offer a good deal of project examples to both inform and inspire.

If you’re interested in bringing this informative course to your company’s firm, please contact us at 888-759-2678 or via email at vasb@znwbefxlyvtugf.pbz.

Online Learning Opportunities

Looking for AIA or USGBC Continuing Education credits online?

Major Industries currently offers two online learning programs. The first, through AEC Daily, is both AIA and USGBC approved, and also meets AIA Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) requirements. The program focuses on general daylighting strategies and glazing options, and provides certified credit opportunities for a number of other organizations both in the United States and Canada.

The second program, approved for AIA-CES credit, can be found at The Continuing Architect, and contains information about translucent panel daylighting systems as well as the health benefits of natural light, tips on choosing the right glazing, and creative design opportunities. The program also meets HSW requirements. You can visit The Continuing Architect for additional details, and to complete the quiz on The Continuing Architect’s site to receive AIA-CES credit.

Online Webinar Program – Sign Up Now for this December 2nd Event!

On December 2nd, 2020 at 12pm CT, Major Industries is hosting a live AIA-CES webinar program on daylighting (via Zoom). Enhancing Spaces with Translucent Panel Daylighting Systems (FRP1902) is good for one Learning Unit, qualifies for HSW (Health, Safety and Welfare) credit, and takes a look at a variety of topics including the benefits of daylighting, how translucent panels are constructed, some comparisons with other glazing materials, its best uses and design considerations (plus a lot more!).

To sign up for this event (which has limited spots available), click here and register. You’ll then receive additional information on the program, as well as log-in information for the day of the webinar.