Company History

1980 – The BeginningMajor - Vintage Logo

Major Industries, Inc. is founded in Wausau, Wisconsin, home to a wide range of well-known building product manufacturers and suppliers, including many in the fenestration industry. Our community roots have taught us that customer care is key to success. Whether we’re shipping a project to California or Florida or outside the United States, we strive to treat clients like we would treat our neighbors.

1993 – New Leadership

After taking ownership of Major Industries in 1993, current President Wayne Toenjes made a stronger commitment to our customers and employees, leading to increased sales volumes and an additional number of clients who repeatedly specify and use our skylights and translucent wall systems.

1998/2001 – Expanding for the Future

Because of this growth, Major expanded to 75% more floor space in 1998, and then again in 2001, bringing the manufacturing facility to a total of over 52,000 square feet. This additional space, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing systems, allows for improved material handling capabilities, efficiency, and the ability to better serve our growing customer base.

We have also invested heavily in streamlining our manufacturing and drafting processes, allowing for shortened lead times and on-time shipping. We work hard to get the material you need delivered safely and on time. Major was the first company in the commercial daylighting industry to computerize the bidding process with the development of SkyPrice™, an online quote system. SkyPrice™ allows users to get fast, guaranteed accurate quotes in a significantly reduced amount of time compared to traditional methods.

2014/2016 – Meeting Customer Needs

Over the years, Major has invested heavily in new product development. In 2014, Major opened an online store for its pre-engineered LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ self-flashing single slope skylights. And in 2016, Major became the first U.S. daylighting manufacturer to offer complete systems featuring translucent FRP panels, polycarbonate multi-wall and glass glazing (as well as mixed glazed systems).

Moving Forward

Everyone at Major is committed to customer satisfaction and service to our clients. Your needs are what drive us to be a better and more responsive organization.

We’re also focused on promoting the use of daylighting and its numerous benefits, as they have significant benefits to the environment, to building occupants and their well-being, and to the bottom line. Our wide range of daylighting products and systems will continue to evolve and advance as new technologies emerge and customer demands change. We look forward to serving as your daylighting solutions supplier for years to come!