Sustainable Design/Leed®


Daylighting is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly “green” design solution. There’s no better way to illuminate interior spaces than with the natural light that surrounds us every day.

Since 1980, Major Industries has been committed to creating durable, weatherproof and energy-saving skylights and translucent wall systems, and we work with you to create
the best daylighting solution for your next project.

Here are just a few reasons to consider Major Industries for your daylighting needs:

  • Translucent panel daylighting systems provide natural daylighting without glare or “hot-spots” – eliminating the need for expensive shading devices
  • Optimization of energy performance and reduced HVAC loads
  • Reduced need for “energy-hungry” artificial lighting
  • Occupant control of ventilation and line-of-sight vision opportunities when using operable window wall systems
  • Aluminum framing and grid core has high post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content
  • Studies show the enormous benefits of natural light in all building types – from schools to retail stores to manufacturing centers

For a closer look at how our daylighting systems might apply to specific LEED® credits, please review our downloadable guides:

Auburn® Skylights LEED® Reference Guide
Guardian 275® LEED® for Schools Reference Guide
Guardian 275® LEED® Reference Guide