Auburn® Custom & Pre-engineered Skylights

Auburn® Custom & Pre-engineered Skylights

cutaway-auburnAuburn® skylights are designed and engineered for long-term performance, and make a great daylighting choice if you’re looking for the durability and longevity of glass, or simply enjoy dramatic views of the sky. They’re available in custom and pre-engineered configurations, and also offer mixed glazing options as they can also incorporate polycarbonate multi-wall and acrylic glazing as well as Guardian 275® translucent panels.

Auburn® systems aren’t designed to span the largest openings; they’re optimized for small and medium projects and are engineered to save time, money, and weight in your next daylighting project. Auburn® engineered skylights feature high-performance sealants, built-in water management, and time-proven EPDM gasketing to provide the ultimate protection: three-level redundancy to keep water out of your building. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of configurations, along with numerous glass and finish options.


For smaller openings and standard sizes, consider our newly updated Auburn® Self-flashing Single Slope skylights, available in sizes up to 25 square feet, with pre-assembled options available for ease of installation and quick lead times. These new single slope skylights feature thermal strut technology in the framing, allowing for a versatile combination of strength and high thermal performance, including improved condensation resistance and U-factors over traditional aluminum framed systems.

No matter which option is right for you – custom or pre-engineered – Auburn® skylights are a smart choice to solve your daylighting challenges. Other benefits include:

  • Low initial cost and long-term energy savings.
  • Possible LEED® credit opportunities for both new construction and existing buildings.
  • High-performance gaskets and sealants provide peace of mind and long-term performance.
  • Auburn® Engineered custom systems feature universal “slope adapters” fit all standard rafters, creating precise slope control.
  • Auburn® Engineered custom systems come standard with tubular rafters that frequently eliminate the need for support tubes.
  • Guaranteed against defective materials and construction for one year from date of purchase (exclusions apply – see final warranty for details).


Auburn® engineered skylights are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment, designed to meet both our in-house quality policy and third-party performance guidelines. Our custom engineered skylights are designed to meet or exceed all applicable building codes and structural requirements and have the following minimum performance attributes:

  • Framework: All extruded aluminum shall be of the alloy 6063-T5/T6. The actual alloy, temper and thickness, however, shall be dependent upon the physical requirements of the particular loading and deflection, cross-sectional configuration, and required finish.
  • Glazing Strips: Extruded 70± durometer EPDM material per ASTM C864.
  • Setting Blocks: Extruded EPDM rubber formulated Type A 80± durometer
  • Fasteners: For exterior cap retainers: ASTM A193B8 300 series stainless steel screws. For framework connections: ASTM B211 2024-T4 aluminum rivets, as required by connection.
  • Flashing: Standard flashing will be 5005-H34 or equivalent with a minimum thickness of .040.
  • Finish:
    • Anodized Coatings:
      1. Architectural Class I clear anodized Type AA-M10C22 A41 (supersedes AAMA 607.1).
      2. Architectural Class I pigmented anodized Type AA-M10C22 A42 (supersedes AAMA 606.1).
    • Pigmented Organic Coatings: AAMA 2604 (supersedes AAMA 603.8).
    • High Performance Pigmented Organic Coatings: AAMA 2605 (supersedes AAMA 605.2).
Testing Report – Auburn® Engineered Custom Skylights
Testing Report – Auburn® Self-flashing Single Slope Skylights

Specs & Details

Click on the buttons below to download 3-part specifications and system details. CLICK HERE for technical drawings and BIM product models.
(Please Note: BIM product models are currently available for Guardian 275® wall systems and skylights only.)

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Auburn® Skylight Specification
Auburn® Engineered Low-Rise Barrel Vault Skylight Detail
Auburn® Engineered Polygon Skylight Detail 
Auburn® Engineered Pyramid Skylight Detail 
Auburn® Engineered Quarter Round Skylight Detail 
Auburn® Engineered Ridge Skylight Detail 
Auburn® Engineered Single Slope Skylight Detail