Lines, Grids & Aesthetics

Major Industries Daylighting Systems -  Grid OptionsMajor offers a wide range of glazing options, but even within translucent panel systems there are numerous ways to add customization to meet your project’s needs. In the shop recently was a project that utilized a 7″ x 7″ grid pattern (left side of image left), giving the panels a distinct geometric look. If you’d prefer to see less grid in the panel, choosing a white face sheet and opting for a larger grid pattern or our Verti-Lite™ option is the way to go. Verti-Lite™ (right side of image) features vertical grids only, providing a channel glass look but with numerous insulation options as well as a lower cost.

Don’t forget that we can also custom color insulation for a unique way to incorporate school colors into a building (or to mimic stained glass), and we can match finish colors as well if you’re looking to tie the daylighting system into another part of the building. Contact our sales team today at 888-759-2678 to find out how we can customize your daylighting experience.


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